I am museum. It houses my stories and stories of my parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. These are the stories of my city. If you wish to know Maribor, take a peek at our museum.

Museums perform the tasks of recoding, documenting, collecting, evaluating, interpreting and researching as well as presenting the items of movable cultural heritage to the public. By means of its permanent as well as numerous temporary exhibitions, the Museum of National Liberation Maribor has been making an effort to bring the collected 20th and 21st century materials as close to the visitors as possible.

Today the Museum boasts interesting and extensive collections, and a particularly extensive photograph library containing many documentary photographs and negatives as well as much video and audio material. A special feature of the museum is its archive keeping more than 120 running metres of World War II materials.

Museum of National Liberation Maribor was the first one in Slovenia to have introduced the position of museum educator. Working with visitors, museum education team is a pillar of museum activity. A range of programmes is available for young visitors – traditional exhibition tours, creative workshops, a night at the museum, matura exam preparations and lessons. Our extensive pedagogical and andragogical programmes  have been drawing growing numbers of visitors to the museum.

In the museum visitors can explore the permanent exhibition to learn about the 20th century Maribor history. They can also visit the industrial Maribor, the period of fighting for the northern Slovenian border, they can learn about General Rudolf Meister, admire Maribor's flowering in the period between World Wars I and II, and sympathise with the fate of Maribor inhabitants during World War II.

Apart from the permanent exhibition, visitors can choose from numerous temporary exhibitions, which are often developed in co-operation with similar institutions in Slovenia and abroad.

In addition to the main museum we also keep the Maribor Photography Museum at Koroška cesta 19. In the late 1980s, private collectors Maria in Avgust Bohanec donated a collection of 1100 cameras and 600 pieces of equipment to the city of Maribor. In the museum, their collection is being supplemented with cameras of Slovenian photographers. On display in the museum are a part of the Bohanec collection and a review of the history of photography, and there is also a gallery hosting Slovenian and foreign gems of photography.