Established by the then District People's Committee of Maribor, Museum of National Liberation Maribor began operating on 1 May 1958. Its origins, however, reach back to 1947, when a collection on National Liberation Struggle had already been installed in Maribor Regional Museum. It was the first collection of its kind to be found in complex Slovenian museums. The concept, i.e. a history museum exploring the recent history of the North-eastern Slovenia in museological and historical terms, was precisely defined upon its foundation.

The Museum is housed in a bourgeois villa on the corner of Mladinska ulica and Ulica Heroja Tomšiča, the construction of which was commissioned in the mid 1890s by Maribor-based entrepreneur Avgust Scherbaum. His father, Karl Scherbaum, earned his place in the history of Maribor by switching on 36 electric bulbs in his mill in 1883, as the first example in Slovenia. The Scherbaum family has left a strong mark on the history of our city.